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Ventris is a ninety-minute documentary by Martin Pickles and tries to establish Michael's outlook and motivation for his decipherment. The film was shot in London, Cambridge and Knossos and features extensive interviews with those who knew Michael and those who curate archives of his work.


This website is in part an accompaniment to that film project but also an opportunity to publish some of the wealth of research material I have amassed and thought might be useful as an online resource. My researches led in a variety of unexpected directions and that Michael sits in the middle of a web of interesting and interwoven threads: academia, archaeology, broadcasting, computing, data management, the Festival Of Britain, Modernist Art and Architecture, Psychoanalysis, Socialism, the Welfare State and more.

Please email me at for more information.


Filming at Knossos, August 2021

Interviewing Dr Anja Ulbrich at the Ashmolean Museum, in front of the portrait of Sir Arthur Evans, the archaeologist who discovered both Knossos and Linear B.




Why Is Work So Boring? (animated documentary) 2017

John Halas Remembered (documentary short) 2015

What Is Animation? (animated documentary short) 2014

Ode To Joy (documentary short) 2012

Gustav Metzger: 100,000 Newspapers (documentary short) 2008

Like Me, Only Better (animated short) 2007

Greenwich Degree Zero (film installation) 2006

The Time Travellers Of 1908 (short) 2005

Century's End (short) 2004

The Commuter (short) 2003

G.M. (short) 2001

Currently lecturing in Animation History and Theory at the University for the Creative Art Farnham.

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